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Get unstuck and start writing great content now!

Are you struggling to write something in your business?

Your about page, a series of blog posts, an article or case study? Even your entire website?

You’ve been putting it off for a while, making all sorts of excuses to yourself. Maybe you’ve sat down to write but you just couldn’t get started. Or perhaps you’ve written something but you haven’t published it yet. All the time you’re delaying, you’re depriving your audience of the great knowledge you have to share…and your ideal clients are not getting to learn how they could really benefit from working with you.

If only you could just get it written and out there. Well you can!

I can help you to get unstuck and start writing your content in no time with a 60-minute Get Your Story Started session.

Your 1:1 Get Your Story Started session includes:

  • A power hour of my undivided attention, dedicated to the piece of writing you want to focus on
  • We’ll work through:
    • Who your audience is
    • What you want to achieve with your content
    • What messages you want to get across
    • A plan to move it forward and get you writing
    • A timeline for you to complete your writing – checking in with me is extra accountability that makes sure you get it done!
  • A complimentary copy of my ebook ‘How to Stop Wasting Time and Start Writing Great Content’.

How it works

  • You book a 15-minute intro chat on Skype to tell me:
    • What piece of writing you want to work on
    • Where you’re getting stuck
    • What you’d like to get from our session together
  • You schedule and pay for your Get Your Story started session
  • I give you some tips you can start working through straightaway
  • We hold your session at the agreed time
  • You’re all ready to get into action and write your content.

I love Lucy’s company name Build Your Brand Story because it does exactly what it says on the tin. She managed to draw out what I needed to say and articulate about my brand, which I’d never really thought about.

Mel Cunningham

Vivacious Mel Photography

Watch the video to find out I how helped Mel to turn several blank pages into fabulous content for her new website.

I needed help understanding how to write something concise, attention grabbing and memorable, which would stand out from the crowd.

Lucy was able to explain how I could have more impact and really helped me speak directly to the heart of the reader. The process of writing one mail seemed to free me up so I could replicate the same process without the same blocks.

I’d definitely recommend Lucy to anyone who is struggling with writing and not achieving their potential. She has great ideas to overcome writer’s block and really helpful suggestions to help you improve drafts. Plus she is a great listener – fantastic skill!

Tina Wells

Tai Chi Chih Oxford UK

Lucy helped me to write the content on my website.  She demonstrated her experience by using a variety of tools to enable me to articulate what I needed to get written.

She was flexible in how she worked with me, using a variety of coaching and consultancy techniques. I felt motivated and confident and was really pleased to get everything completed in the time schedule we agreed.

Jackie Meek

Future Path Life Coaching

Before our session, I was finding it difficult to allocate time to blogging. Now, I have a new plan in place that is more achievable and some ideas to take forward to stay on track. The session seemed very relaxed and yet we were so productive.

Lucy helped me to be more realistic about targets. It was great to sit down for an hour, discuss objectives, problems and end up with a clear plan and ideas.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to blog but doesn’t know where to start or who is already blogging but needs better focus.

Nikki Shield

Designs Like These

After months of prevaricating with my website content, I asked Lucy for help and she introduced me to her programme. After a short conversation, she was able to dig into what I was really trying to say and give me some guidance as to how to structure my thoughts – this was the push I needed to get the content written.

I was so impressed with Lucy that I asked her to read and edit my writing, once completed and she helped turn it into informative, client friendly web content. She was instrumental in helping me remove my ‘roadblock’ and get my much needed website up and running.

Helen Goldberg

Director, Clavis Marketing Limited

Ready to get unstuck and start writing great content?

Get Your Story Started is just £150 (plus VAT). I have a set number of slots available each week, so book early to make sure you don’t miss out!

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