“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Simon Sinek’s words are now almost immortal. Of course, he’s right. Your clients want to connect with your passion and your purpose, so your Why should be at the very heart of your brand story. But there’s another very good reason to get clear on your Why from day one.

Quite simply, your Why is your reason for being, the reason your business exists. It’s what everything is built on, what drives you every day – personally and professionally – and what gives you the grit and determination to carry on when things get tough.

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Your Why Is personal to you. It must be totally authentic – both to appeal to your audience and to give you the genuine motivation you need to live and deliver your purpose.

So how do you find your Why? Here’s mine and how I have come to realise it.

My Why…

I’m a communicator, storyteller, linguist and people person. My passions are people, business and communication. I love helping people to connect, using the simplest language possible and to be themselves rather than hiding behind business speak and corporate jargon.

I believe that each business, leader and entrepreneur has a unique and fascinating story to tell (that includes their Why). It’s that story that helps their clients and colleagues to relate to them and build connections with them. I’m on a mission to help as many business owners and leaders as possible to build their unique brand story and use it to connect with their colleagues and ideal clients.

I feel blessed that I am able to apply this every day in my business. I’m still working on how I can help even more people, and how I can achieve an even greater level of freedom in my business and my life. For now I am well and truly on that journey, living my Why and loving every moment of it.

What’s your Why? I’d love you to share it in the comments box below.

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